Air ducts allow the free flow of warm or cool air to heat, ventilate, and cool your house. Attached to the HVAC unit, air ducts filter the air before sending it off. Your HVAC system's air ducts are essential components that ensure your family's thermal comfort and high indoor air quality. However, due to poor maintenance and inspection schedule, air ducts suffer from stubborn clogs. Consulting with an expert in air duct cleaning in Sacramento can help. Experts have the appropriate equipment and experience to render air duct cleaning services. The smooth functioning of your HVAC system is critical for your house in all seasons. 

Experts clean everything that includes grills and registers, ductwork, plenums, the fan, the blower motor, and the evaporation coil. If you want to use the DIY approach, do it correctly because one mistake can lead to more damage. 

Types of Air Ducts

  1. Sheet Metal Duct

Sheet metal ducts are made of galvanized steel or aluminum and are available in different shapes, such as round, oval, or rectangular. Most homeowners prefer sheet metal ducts for various reasons. Sheet metal HVAC ductwork is known for its durability, rustproof ability, and protection against mold development. 

  1. Flex Duct

Flex ducts are cost-effective, and due to their lightweight quality, they offer easy installation. These ducts are made of steel wire spiral, wrapped with a bendable plastic called a polymer. Flex ducts, the name suggests are flexible to be used in areas where more rigid ductwork doesn’t reach. 

  1. Fiberboard Duct

The fiberboard duct comprises two layers - compressed resin and bonded inorganic fiberglass. These layers are encased in foil to protect from air and water vapor penetration. 

If you are looking for a cheap and well-insulated air duct that also prevents noise, look no further than a fiberboard duct. However, this air duct inhibits airflow which is a downside. 

If you have old fiber ducts, you should consult with the experts immediately because old ducts cannot prevent mold or mildew growth. 

Telltale Signs Your Air Ducts Need Repair or Replacement

  1. Hot and cold spots in the house indicate your air ducts require immediate attention.

  1. Obstructed airflow supply from vents indicates your damper is closed and requires reopening. 

  2. A high energy bill is another sign of bad air ducts. Leaky and under-insulated air ducts point toward immediate expert attention. Leaky ducts cause the blower fan to overwork and break down eventually. 

  3. If you hear a loud rattling or whistling noise, your HVAC ducts might have malfunctioned. Check to see if they are disconnected, damaged, or loose.

Air ducts are critical components of the HVAC system and require regular inspection and maintenance for smooth functioning.